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Meet The Speakers

Speakers are grouped below by the segment of the symposium in which they are to present. For an alphabetical listing of speakers, see the list at right.

Estrus Synchronization | Management & Nutrition

Symposium speakers (alphabetically)...

Larry Corah | Joseph Dalton | Rick Funston | Sandy Johnson | Mike Kasten | Cliff Lamb | Jim Lauderdale | David Patterson | George Perry | Richard Saacke | Michael Smith | Roger Wann | Gary Williams

James Lauderdale Jim Lauderdale

President, Lauderdale Enterprises. Jim Lauderdale earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Auburn University (1962) and both a master’s degree (1964) and a doctoral degree (1968) in endocrinology and reproductive physiology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jim was employed in 1967 by The Upjohn Company Animal Health business as a research scientist. His research during his 31-year employment was directed at increasing the efficiency of postpartum cow and postpartum sow reproduction, the role of prostaglandin F2 in the regression of the corpus luteum and as a practical means for controlling the estrous cycle of cattle and mares and time of parturition in swine, the use of steroids for enhancement of productive efficiency of beef cattle, and the development of bovine somatotropin to enhance the efficiency of milk production of dairy cows. The research with prostaglandin F2 led to the worldwide approval for the use of prostaglandin F2, Lutalyse® sterile solution, for use in cattle, mares and swine. Jim has served as president of the American Society of Animal Science and the Federation of Animal Science Societies. He continues to be an active member of ASAS and ADSA. Following retirement in 1998, Jim formed Lauderdale Enterprises Inc., an animal health consulting firm. He continues to work in the animal health industry, primarily in the area of domestic animal reproduction management.

Michael SmithMichael Smith

Professor, animal sciences, University of Missouri. Michael F. Smith grew up in Michigan and received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and his master’s and doctoral degrees from Texas A&M University. He joined the Division of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri in 1980. He is a professor of animal sciences, and his academic responsibilities include teaching and research. He was a visiting scientist at the Babraham Institute (Cambridge, England; 1987-1987) and the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, Scotland, 1997-1998). He served as the interim director of the Division of Animal Sciences from 2001 to 2006. The long-range goal of his research program is to increase reproductive efficiency in cattle. Dr. Smith and his graduate students are trying to better understand the mechanisms regulating ovarian follicular maturation, ovulation, corpus luteum function, and the establishment/maintenance of pregnancy in beef cattle. He works closely with Dave Patterson on the development of economical and effective methods for timed insemination in beef heifers and cows.

Gary Williams

Texas A&M University

David Patterson

Extension educator, reproductive management, University of Missouri. David Patterson was raised on a diversified farming and ranching operation in south-central Montana. Patterson holds a joint appointment in research and Extension in the Division of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri. Dr. Patterson’s research is focused on the development of methods to synchronize estrus in beef heifers and cows, with recent work directed largely toward the development of methods to facilitate the use of fixed-time AI. Patterson in addition coordinated development of the Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program, the first state-wide on-farm development and marketing program for beef heifers in the nation. During the past 11 years, nearly 80,000 heifers representing more than 600 Missouri farms were enrolled in the Show-Me-Select Program. Dr. Patterson was a past recipient of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association’s Outstanding Service to the Missouri Beef Industry Award and Progressive Farmer’s “Man of the Year in Missouri Agriculture for 2001.” In addition, Dr. Patterson received the American Society of Animal Science Extension Award in 2006 and the Animal Industry Award in 2007.

Cliff LambCliff Lamb

Extension beef cattle specialist & associate professor, University of Florida. Cliff Lamb initiated his post-secondary studies at Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1992. He received his master’s and doctoral degrees at Kansas State University. In 1998, after completing graduate school, Dr. Lamb became a beef specialist/assistant professor at the University of Minnesota. He was promoted to associate professor in 2003 and served in that capacity until moving to the University of Florida in 2008. His primary research efforts focus on applied reproductive physiology in beef cattle, emphasizing efficient reproductive management systems for replacement heifers and postpartum cows. In addition to research and extension, Dr. Lamb coordinates the beef research facilities at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna.

Sandy Johnson

Extension livestock specialist, Kansas State University Research and Extension. Johnson is located at the Northwest Research and Extension Center in Colby. She was raised on a diversified livestock operation in northeast Nebraska and received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Nebraska. She went on to receive a master’s degree from the University of Missouri and a doctoral degree from West Virginia University, both in reproductive physiology. Johnson held a teaching position at Fort Hays State University before beginning her current position with K-State in 1998. Johnson conducts research in the areas of estrous synchronization, costs of breeding systems and cow-calf management. 

George PerryGeorge Perry

Assistant professor, beef reproductive management, South Dakota State University. George Perry was raised in south-central Texas on a small cattle operation. He received his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University. He obtained a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in reproductive physiology from the University of Missouri, with a large portion of his doctoral research conducted at the USDA research station in Miles City, Mont. Dr. Perry joined the faculty of South Dakota State in August 2003. He serves as an associate professor and the beef Extension specialist in reproductive physiology. His research efforts are in the area of factors that influence reproductive efficiency and pregnancy success. Some of his current research has focused on understanding why variation occurs between herds with fixed-time AI protocols.

Rick Funston

Extension reproductive physiologist, University of Nebraska.

Joseph DaltonJoseph Dalton

Associate professor, Extension dairy specialist, University of Idaho Caldwell Research and Extension Center. Joseph Dalton earned a doctoral degree in animal science in 1999 from Virginia Tech. His educational programs at the University of Idaho emphasize the enhancement of reproductive efficiency and milk quality on Idaho dairy farms. His research specialty includes male and female reproductive physiology, and focuses on factors important to increasing the success of artificial insemination in cattle.

Larry Corah

Vice president, Certified Angus Beef LLC, Supply Development Division. Bio to come.

Mike Kasten photoMike Kasten

4M Ranch, Millersville, Mo. Mike Kasten has been a full-time commercial cattle producer for more than 36 years. He produces Angus-based cattle with an emphasis on carcass quality for retained ownership. The production of high quality heifers for the Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program is a priority for his operation. Kasten has maintained total performance records on his cattle from birth weights to carcass traits. Mike is past president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, past president of Missouri’s Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers Inc., and past board member of NCBA. He has also been the recipient of the BIF Commercial Cattleman of the Year Award and the CAB Commitment to Excellent Award.

Roger Wann photoRoger Wann

ABS District Sales Manager (TX, OK, LA and NM) and registered Angus breeder, Lindsay, Texas. Roger Wann was raised on a family commercial cattle ranch in eastern Oklahoma. The ranch now consists of 200 registered Angus in partnership with Roger’s father, Jim, and his brother, Danny. Roger received his bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University in 1985. In 1988, he received his master's degree in physiology of reproduction from Texas A&M University. Since 1988 Roger has been a district sales manager with ABS Global Inc.