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Ramkota Hotel and Convention Center

8:30 am Introduction
9:00 am How I profit from improved reproduction?
John Moes
9:20 am How I profit from improved reproduction?
Schiefelbein Farms
9:40 am Hitting the target for a high quality product
Dr. Larry Corah
10:10 am Improving reproduction to improve longevity in the herd
Dr. Eric Mousel
11:00 am Physiological factors that increase pregnancy rate following artificial insemination
Dr. Michael Smith
11:30 am Control of estrus in heifers
Dr. David Patterson
12:00 pm Control of Estrus in cows
Dr. Cliff Lamb
Questions for morning speaker
12:45 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Insemination related factors affecting fertilization in cattle
Dr. Joe Dalton
2:30 pm Managing bull development to optimize fertility
Dr. Albert Barth
3:00 pm Control of estrus with natural service
Dr. Carl Dahlen
4:00 pm DNA Testing What We know, What we don’t know, and how we can use it
Dr. Michael Gonda
4:30 pm Using DNA to determine the performance and economics of commercial herd bulls in multisire natural service breeding groups
Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam
5:00 pm What we know about the Genetics of reproduction
Dr. Robert Cushman
Questions for afternoon speakers
6:15 pm Estrus Synch Planner
Dr. Sandy Johnson
6:30 pm Semen handling
Dr. Brad Stroud
Hands-on workstation for - synchronization (injections and CIDRs), Semen handling, Semen quality, AI, Ultrasound, carcass quality, embryo development, genetics
8:30 am Nutritional Influences on Reproduction: Energy and Protein
Dr. Scott Lake
9:00 am Mineral Nutrition and its impact on reproduction
Dr. Cody Wright
9:30 am Fetal Programming: Implications for cattle production
Dr. Rick Funston
10:30 am Handling Stress
Dr. Renaldo Cooke
11:00 am Heifer Development
Dr. George Perry
11:30 am Changes in Body condition on oocyte quality and embryo survival
Dr. Allen Bridges
Questions for Morning Speakers
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Management considerations to minimize reproductive diseases
Dr. Russell Daly
1:45 How to get the most out of your vaccination program
Dr. Chris Chase
2:15 Pregnancy Determination Palpation and Beyond
Dr. Matthew Lucy
3:00 Embryo Transfer: are efficiencies improving
Dr. John Hasler
3:30 Managing Embryo Transfer to improve success
Dr. Cliff Lamb
4:00 Sexed semen: How we sex it and the best use for it
Dr. George Seidel
4:30 Can sexed semen work in your herd
Dr. John Hall
Questions for afternoon speakers
Conference Adjourns