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Welcome to Davis

Dean of College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences welcomes conference attendees to Davis.

by Kasey Brown, associate editor

DAVIS, Calif. (Aug. 17, 2015) — Representatives from all California agricultural universities, Extension personnel and cattlemen had a hand in planning the 2015 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle (ARSBC) symposium in Davis, Calif., Aug 17-18. Helene Dillard, dean of the University of California–Davis (UCD) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences welcomed ARSBC attendees to Davis.

Helene DillardHelene Dillard, dean of the University of California–Davis (UCD) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

A conference sponsor, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences encompasses 30 majors and 7,800 total students. The top two agricultural majors are the two animal sciences majors and include about 1,200 students. Many students want to become veterinarians, but she notes that many want to work in the animal industry through other means.

Dillard is a California native and earned her doctorate in plant pathology at UCD. After working at Cornell University for several years, she came back to UCD just less than two years ago. Her major focus as dean is to meet with constituent groups to develop strategies to tackle ag industry issues. Despite a major drought in California, she said the California ag industry produces $48 billion of products, and of that $18 billion of exported products, making it one of the largest ag producers in the country. It is her goal for the UCD College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to help prepare students to enter the industry and to develop solutions.

She concluded by thanking attendees for their attendance and support of this conference.

Dillard spoke during Monday’s ARSBC opening session. For more information, visit the Newsroom at

Comprehensive coverage of the symposium is available online at Compiled by the Angus Journal editorial team, the site is made possible through sponsorship by the Beef Reproduction Task Force.

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